What is the hardest yoga?

Published: 16th August 2011
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Newcomers are always interested enough funny and silly questions: what is the hardest yoga? The most difficult thing in yoga is the spreading of the mat. This is true, which is known to any yoga.
Maintaining a person's life is provided by cyclical effects. They are repeated at regular intervals. Creating the conditions is a basic part of cycling. We rest in order that we might be able to intelligently and efficiently operate. We're moving so we can get to have a good rest after a productive activity.
There is the vital need of the first rank, without which existence is impossible: breathing, the presence of food and water, sleep. These requirements are like animals, inferior, though without the life of the body, and thus the mind is impossible. Furthermore, man is nothing but a bunch of different inter-related processes, a conglomerate of biorhythms. The continued existence is ensured by constant renewal. This can be seen with the naked eye. Why do women live longer than men? They have additional biorhythm - month, the extra thread that tied them to the nature of eternity. If we practice yoga every day and each time, like breathing, it is the same thread, which is inhibited by personal time. Therefore, the regularity of exposure through yoga should be proportionate to the cyclic order of the basic life processes.
This is the base of the cardinal and contrary to the practice of yoga: it must carry out every day because there is only something that can systematically reproduce itself, to renew efforts to continue existence. Therefore, a typical western "I want to do, I want - no" here is untenable, in this game, everything has a different price. Would you like to live with a portable size sorrow of soul and body - if you please give this some part of their daily time.
In fact, there are two ways to communicate with others. First - we're working on it, investing time and energy, personal effort to modify something in him that his responses like us. But there is a second way: to make this effort to him, and when you change the world will react differently to your presence, as in fact you need. This is the path of yoga.
It should not be taken literally, always - it does not mean the absence of exceptions, they are just unavoidable, and certainly should be! At least once a year, this state happens when I wake up in the morning, and for unclear reasons, the body and all my being unwilling to start asanas, Pranayama, or meditation.
So, feeling like state, I have this day do not does yoga, but I feel myself with absolutely right. I live with a sense of duty. These days are rare. If at this time to make myself do yoga - it is an error, such as the one that makes the Japanese, the second time in my life climbed Mount Fuji.
Of course, if this aversion to the attacks of studies appear too regularly, it should be thoroughly blown, what is happening and whether it is worth doing it?
Thus, the systematic practice should be combined with an equally thorough and correct its process, the main feature of which is not nothing but a deliverance for this time of all the templates, everyday behaviors, and even the memory of them - in other words, from themselves. If you understand in fact what was going on, and managed to do this, you will receive the principal and most important result - balancing, harmony with the world and themselves. The practice of Hatha Yoga, then turns the motor pattern, its effect is maximal, and self-improvement continues on another level, associated with the psyche and soul.

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